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Outdoor Furniture Rentals for Special Events

Explore our exquisite selection of outdoor furniture rentals, Discover our exceptional outdoor furniture collection, a meticulously curated ensemble that transcends the ordinary. From versatile tables and inviting chairs to elegant tents and more, our range redefines al fresco aesthetics. Crafted for both form and function, each piece reflects the perfect balance of style and durability, creating an inviting and captivating atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat or an elegant setting for a vibrant outdoor event, our collection offers the versatility and quality to transform your space into a haven of comfort and sophistication, where cherished memories are made beneath open skies. Explore our outdoor furniture collection and elevate your outdoor experiences to new heights.

Choose dining chairs and tables in just the right colors and fantastic finishes to match your theme and get every detail right with our upscale party rentals. Explore by category: Chairs, Tables, tents and more to see our full line of exquisite outdoor furniture rentals for your event needs.

An array of various chair styles including outdoor, dining, folding, and ballroom chairs in different colors and materials such as wood, metal, and resin, labeled by type and color.

Banquet Tables

Rectangular outdoor folding table with a brown top and black metal legs, isolated on a white background.

4′ x 18″ (Seats 2 one side)
4′ x 24″ (Seats 4-6)
4′ x 30″ (Seats 4-6)
5′ x 18″ (Seats 2 one side)
6′ x 18″ (Seats 3 one side)
6′ x 24″ (Seats 6-8)
6′ x 30″ (Seats 6-8)
8′ x 24″ (Seats 8-10)
8′ x 30″ (Seats 8-10)
40″ x 60″ (Seats 4-6)
44″ x 60″ (Seats 6-8)
48″ x 48″ (Seats 4-6)
48″ x 60″ (Seats 6-8)
48″ x 72″ (Seats 6-8)

Round Tables

A round folding outdoor table with a smooth, wooden top and grey metal legs, isolated on a white background.

24″ (Seats 2) Wood/Formica Top
30″ (Seats 4) Wood/Formica
36″ (Seats 4-5)
48″ (Seats 6-8)
60″ (Seats 8-10)
72″ (Seats 10-12)

Please inquire about any special requests such as Tents, props, dinnerware, bars and more…

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